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Bulletin of Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry (BJSCC)
The BJSCC journal annually publishes two volumes of books, which will be sent to all the JSCC members via normal mail. These books include the latest information about the activities of JSCC, together with the latest information about international conferences, symposia, and smaller study meetings associated with coordination chemistry. This is a general journal concerning coordination chemistry, which also introduces some important research topics as well as the information about exchange programs for the students who wish to study abroad.

A book of Members List (once in three years)
The book involves the access information of all the members of the society, and is usually published once in every three years. The information involves the affiliation, the address, the telephone number, the fax number, and the e-mail address of each member. The books are sent via normal mail to all the members of JSCC with the aim of promoting the exchange of opinions as well as the collaborative research activities between the JSCC members.

Privilege to Apply to the Awards
All the members have the rights to apply to the JSCC Award, the Research Encouragement Award, and the Poster Award. The application rules are usually given in a book of Bulletin of Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry, and are also given at this Web site (Application Rules for Awards).

Privilege to Vote or to be Voted in the Election of President and Coucilors of JSCC
Only the ordinary members and the Emeritus members have the rights to vote or to be voted in the election of the president and the councilors of JSCC. The detailed rules are given at this Web site (JSCC Rules).