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About Us

YCCAJ, a branch of the Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry, is a community for young researchers in fields of coordination chemistry and relating area. We are working with more than 350 members including young researchers (at academia, industries and research institutes) and graduate/undergraduate students. Anyone who is a student or one of the age of 40 or less can join our community.

Our Activity and Member Benefits

  • YCCAJ Summer Schools – Discounts on registration
  • Regional Seminars – Providing excellent technical programs on a variety of topics, poster sessions and/or social events
  • Twitter – Appealing your publications on YCCAJ Twitter account (@sakutai_wakate)
  • Newsletters (electronic) – Quarterly subscription (almost all contents are written in Japanese)
  • Mail news (electronic) – Receiving and offering YCCAJ information (almost all contents are written in Japanese)
  • Annual JSCC Conferences – Discounts on registration as JSCC Member
  • Presentation/Poster Awards (student member only) – Applicable to Presentation/Poster Awards of Annual JSCC Conferences
  • Bulletin of Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry (BJSCC) – Accessible to electronic version
  • Member Lists – Accessible to YCCAJ/JSCC member lists

Join Us

YCCAJ has two types of members: regular (non-student) and student members. Regardless of member category, the annual fee is 1000JPY (term is April 1st to March 31st). JSCC regular members are exempted from the annual fee.

≫ Non-Student Member
Contact the YCCAJ office from the inquiry form. The office will contact you shortly. No yearly procedure is required since the membership will be updated automatically.
≫ Student Member

Apply at the JSCC registration page. By applying as a student member of JSCC, you are automatically registered as an YCCAJ member. No extra payment for the annual fee for YCCAJ is necessary since it will be transferred from JSCC.

  • The student membership is not updated automatically and, therefore, you need to renew your membership annually. In that case, choose “student member (continued)” in the registration form.
  • Basically use research group/laboratory as your contact information.
  • Register the YCCAJ membership before a deadline of the annual JSCC conference if you apply the presentation/poster award of the conference.

YCCAJ Office (FY2021)

Hiroyoshi Ohtsu (Sony Group Corporation): ohtsu[at]
Yuma Morimoto (Osaka University): y-morimoto[at]