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日本化学会第101春季年会特別企画 “Frontier of Molecular Science Explored by Molecular Electron Microscopy”

東京大学 原野幸治 先生から頂きました以下の案内をお知らせいたします。

日本化学会春季年会の特別企画として,3月19日13時よりウェビナー8会場にて「分子電子顕微鏡学で切り拓く分子科学の新境地」を開催いたします. 電子顕微鏡技術を駆使して分子科学の未踏領域を目指す「分子電子顕微鏡学」に関する初の国際シンポジウムです.微小結晶構造解析技術であるマイクロED法,MOF・ゼオライトの原子分解能観察,クライオ電子顕微鏡法によるタンパク質構造解析,および動的分子電子顕微鏡法における最先端研究から,化学と電子顕微鏡学の融合について議論を行います.錯体化学と関連深い内容も多く,会員の方々にもご興味を持って頂けるものと思います.ふるってご参加頂ければ幸いです.

Date Mar 19, 2021 (Fri) 1:00 PM – 3:40 PM
Place The 101st CSJ Annual Meeting, Webiner 8 [S08-1pm]
Aim Recent technological innovations such as aberration-corrected TEM, high-speed imaging cameras, and continuous sample rotation, have ushered in an era in which the behavior of individual molecules can be analyzed using electron microscopes. In addition to the visual impact of the images obtained, electron microscopy has made dramatic progress as a tool for clarifying the correlation between structure and function, as well as dynamics and function in materials science and biological science. In this symposium, we will discuss the development of molecular science using static and dynamic molecular electron microscopy, and the creation of a new research field through the fusion of chemistry and electron microscopy. The aim is to reach a chemical understanding by answering scientific questions that have been obscured so far, such as what we actually see and the essential meaning of what we see by high-resolution electron microscopy.
Time table

13:00 Opening Remarks

13:05 MicroED: Conception, practice and future opportunities
(UCLA/HHMI) Tamir Gonen

13:35 Dynamic molecular electron microscopy: An emerging tool for chemists
(The University of Tokyo) Eiichi Nakamura

14:05 Pushing the performance limits of cryo-EM for membrane receptors
(The University of Tokyo) Radostin Danev

14:35 Understanding the Chemistry of electron beam-induced transformations on the molecular level
(Institute for Basic Science(IBS), Center for Nanomedicine, Yonsei University) Dominik Lungerich

15:05 Atomic-resolution Imaging of Sensitive Materials Using Ultralow-dose Transmission Electron Microscopy
(King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) Yu Han

15:35 Closing Remarks

Symposium Chair Koji Harano, Takayuki Nakamuro
本シンポジウムに関する連絡先 原野幸治 ( harano(at) )
中室貴幸 ( muro(at) )