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ICCC 2018(仙台)日本人オーガナイザー募集について


ICCC 2018(仙台)日本人オーガナイザー募集について

2018年7月末より仙台国際センター開催予定のICCC 2018における各種セッションの


氏名: Dr. Vivek Polshettiwar
セッション名:”Nanocatalysis” session
Energy and environment are two of our critical societal challenges. Catalysts are essential for the modern society as they can resolve these critical challenges. Design and development of novel catalytic materials with improved efficiency can help us tackle the challenge. The discovery of nanoparticles with varied size, shape and composition has stretched the limits of technology in ways that scientists would never have dreamt of a century ago. Nature makes and chemistry re-shapes; huge varieties of nanoparticles have emerged in our daily life, in every field from drugs and electronics to paints and beauty care, and they are now emerging in the field of catalysis.
Nano-Catalysis is becoming a strategic field of science since it represents a new way to meet the challenges of energy and sustainability. These challenges are becoming the main concerns of the global vision of the societal challenges and world economy. Catalysis research became one of the most powerful tools to take on these challenges. The field of nanocatalysis is undergoing an explosive development. Nanocatalysis can help design catalysts with excellent activity, greater selectivity, and high stability. Their properties can easily be tuned by tailoring the size, shape, and morphology of the particular nanomaterial.

Nanocatalysis is no longer just a field of academic curiosity but an emerging field for industries to develop green and sustainable processes. However, next-generation nano-gold catalysts with very high turnover number (TON) and stability are needed to take this field to the next level. The objective of this session is to bring together scientists from across the world working in this rea for deliberating on current and future prospect of nanocatalysis.

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