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The 71st Conference of Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry Online Conference
(Osaka City Univ., Osaka Prefecture Univ.)
September 16(Thu)-19(Sun), 2021

Please visit Host Univ. WEB SITE for details.
Deadline for the title and abstract submission: July 5 (Mon) July 26 (Mon), 2021.
Deadline for the earlybird registration: July 30 (Fri), 2019.
Deadline for transfer of the fees for the early-bird registration: August 6 (Fri), 2021.


Chairperson of the Session Theme of the Session
Kazuki Nakamura
(Chiba University),
Tomohiro Seki

Kei Murata
(The University of Tokyo)
Electrochemical control of excited states of photo-functional coordination and hybrid compounds — Electrofluorochromism and electrochemiluminescence — (English session)
Masaki Yoshida
(Hokkaido University),
Hitomi Ohmagari
(Aoyama Gakuin University)
Interplay between mechanical and physical properties of functional molecular crystals (English session)
Masashi Ohkubo
(Waseda University),
Koji Yoshikawa
(Kwansei Gakuin University),
Teppei Yamada
(The University of Tokyo),
Satoshi Horike
(Kyoto University)
Coordination chemistry for energy conversion/storage technology (English session)
Akiko Inagaki
(Tokyo Metropolitan University),
Yumiko Nakajima
New functions of precisely designed transition-metal complexes
 (English session)


What is a new-normal academia environment where diverse human resources can play an active role?
Research integrity seminar
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