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The 68th Conference of Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry Sendai International Center (Sendai) July 28(Sat)-30(Mon),2018

Please read the following instructions before submission/registration.

Template File for Abstract Word2000 PDF

Organized by Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry (JSCC)
Co-Organized by Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ)
Period: July 28 (Sat) – 30 (Mon), 2018.
Venue: Sendai International Center
Address: Aobayama, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi.
Deadline for the title submission: March 10 (Sat), 2018.
Deadline for the abstract submission: May 11 (Fri), 2018. (extended)
Deadline for the earlybird registration: June 1 (Fri), 2018 (from ICCC2018 web page).

If you join ICCC2018, the organizing committee will cover your registration fee for the CJSCC68.

General Sessions (Oral and Poster Presentations)

Session A Syntheses and Characterization of Coordination Compounds
Session B Geometrical and Electronic Structures of Coordination Compounds
Session C Reactions of Coordination Compounds
Session D Organometallic Compounds
Session E Coordination Compounds related to Bioinorganic Chemistry
Session F Functionalities and Applications of Coordination Compounds

Footnote: General presentations are classified into two types: oral presentation (20 min including discussion) and poster presentation. The maximum allowed number of oral presentations from one laboratory depends on whether they involve English talk(s) or not as follows. The total number of oral talks should not exceed three (3) if the talks do not involve English talk(s). However, the total number can be raised to four (4) if the talks involve at least one English talk. Allowed conditions are as follows: (i) three Japanese talks, (ii) one English talk + three Japanese talks, (iii) two English talks + two Japanese talks, (iv) three English talks + one Japanese talk, and even (v) four English talks. Nevertheless, please understand that some of the oral speakers might be asked to present a poster, depending upon the total number of oral presentations of this symposium. In such a case, we appreciate if you accept the condition requested by the organizing committee.

How to submit your title and your abstract. How to register. How to transfer the earlybird registration fees

[Submit your title]
If you want to present your talk or poster at the JSCC symposium, the first step is to submit (i) a title of your paper, (ii) a list of authors, and (iii) affiliations of all the authors. The title submission must be completed by the requested deadline ( March 10 (Sat) ). Thus the ‘title submission‘ is the first step for the general attendees who present their papers. Submission should be carried out at the Web site posted above and below as ‘Submit Title‘.The authors presenting at a special symposium are also requested to submit their title in the same manner. The personal information required in the title submission is summarized in the submission site posted as ‘Submit Title‘. Please be very careful not to make any mistakes when you process the submission of your title. The authors are recommended to prepare their information text with a text editor or the Microsoft Word software to make sure the absence of errors. Then the contents may be transferred into the input boxes by use of the standard Cut & Paste procedures at the Web submission site, even though the authors have to be careful when there are either subscript or superscript fonts. We also appreciate if rather complicated chemical formula are not used in their title if possible. By avoiding the use of such special codes in titles, we can minimize the possible typographical errors as well as the errors during our editorial procedures. We are grateful if all the authors pay their great cares on this matter. Thank you.

[Important Requirements]
At the title submission stage, the second phone number, together with your primary one, is requested to ensure that the organizers can make rapid contact with you when there is any trouble. Three key words MUST be supplied. Therefore, please select three keywords from the list at the title submission Web site. The number of applicants to the poster award from the same group is limited to just one person. Please be careful with these important requirements.

[Submit your abstract]
Each participant who has submitted his/her title must submit his/her abstract at the Web site posted above and below as Submit Abstract. Submission should be completed by the requested deadline (May 11 (Fri)). The abstracts are recommended to be prepared by use of the template files prepared by the JSCC office (Download from here: sakuto_temp_eng_18.doc). The notes for the authors, describing the detailed rules for the abstract preparation, are also given in the template files.

Four important notes summarized below.

All the abstracts MUST satisfy the following conditions.
Every year, regarding to the PDF files of abstracts, the organizers suffer from many troubles due to the inclusion of color images as well as garbled fonts.

Request for authors (IMPORTANT)

(1) The title of abstract and authors’ names MUST be exactly the same as those have already been registered.

(2) Color figures are acceptable in each abstract. Please avoid using light colors (yellow, yellow green, light blue, etc.) because the book of abstracts will be printed in grayscale.

(3) Upload both the word file and the PDF file.

(4) All the fonts MUST be embedded in each PDF file.

[Complements] We have decided to adopt the following systems to avoid such problem. In 2009, we have added an automatic PDF discrimination system at the abstract submission website. In this system, the PDF files uploaded will be checked for the font embedding information. If there is any font missing its font embedding information, the PDF file will not be accepted and alert will appear. In such cases, the authors MUST recreate their PDF files by including the font embedding information for all the fonts used.

(5) Before submitting your abstract, make sure to write your presentation number into the text box at the top left side of your template file.

Your presentation number will be directly e-mailed to you from the organizers of the symposium.

(6) All the figures, tables, chemical structures, schemes, charts, and equations MUST be once saved as files in a “JPEG” format. These graphics files should be then inserted into the file of abstracts. Then the PDF files should be generated.

The figures, tables, and drawings must be once saved as “JPEG” or “jpg” files in appropriate resolution.  When the graphics drawn by ChemBioDraw (or ChemDraw) was directly inserted via “Copy and Past” to “Word” files, the drawing data inserted have a “PICT” format which sometimes cannot be recognized properly. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to save figures in a “JPEG” format file followed by the insertion of them into a “Word” file.

All the participants must register at the Web site posted above and below as ‘Registration’, regardless of whether they present their paper or not. The registration at the Web site should be completed by June 1 (Fri), 2018.

[Award Lecturers and Emeritus Members]
There is no need for the invited participants on CJSCC68 to process the registration at the Web site. However, if you wish to join ICCC2018, you should do your registration at ICCC2018 web page. If there is any question please contact at the JSCC office.

Notes for the Authors of Abstracts

All the necessary information is given at this Web site.

Registration Fees

The fee for electronic abstracts in a USB Flash Drive is included. The USB Flash Drive will be mailed.

Type of Member Earlybird Registration Normal Registration
Non-Students 7,000 yen 8,000 yen
Students 5,000 yen 6,000 yen

Note: The earlybird registration will be accepted only if the Web registration has been completed by June 1, 2018. 

The date of publication for the book of abstract will be informed as soon as it is fixed. This information is important especially if the work is correlated with your application to a certain patent.

A Book of Abstract

A limited number of the book is available upon request (4,000 yen). The book will be handed on site. If you are a participant from abroad who cannot use the Yubin-Furikae for transferring the fee, please pay the fee by cash at the conference site. If you need two or more books, please contact the symposium office by email.


July 29 (Sun), at Sendai International Center.The earlybird registration fee for the banquet is 8,000 yen. The normal registration fee after the deadline (June 1) as well as the on-site registration fee would be 9,000 yen.
The banquet usually starts with (1) a speech of the JSCC president, (2) a speech of the dean of the faculty at the conference site, (3) some JSCC awards ceremonies, (4) a ceremony for the poster awards for young students, and, of course, (5) a toast. If the symposium is held at the country side of Japan, a special show which is special for the area where the symposium is held would be given (e.g., special dance shows, music shows, etc.).

Contact Information

68th Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry Symposium
Professor Masahiro Yamashita (Symposium Chair, Tohoku University)

Prof. Hitoshi Miyasaka (Secretary)
Institute for Materials Research (IMR), Tohoku University
2-1-1 Katahira, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-8577, Japan
PHONE: 81(Japan)-22-215-2033
E-mail: csjcc68(at) * Please change “(at)” ==> “@”

Members Only