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Awardees of JSCC International Award for Creative Work

9th (FY2023)

  Prof. Dan Zhao  (National University of Singapore)
  “Synthesis of Composite Materials Based on Porous Metal Complexes and Their Engineering Applications”

8th (FY2022)

  Prof. Shang-Da Jiang  (South China University of Technology)
  “Spin Manipulation in Magnetic Molecules”

7th (FY2021)

  Prof. Hoi Ri Moon  (Ulsan National Institute of Science Technology)
  “Synthetic design of coordination frameworks and their derived materials for energy applications”

6th (FY2020)

  Prof. Rudi Fasan  (University of Rochester)
  “Creation of Designer Metalloenzyme Catalysts”

5th (FY2019)

  Prof. Omar K. Farha  (Northwestern University)
  “Employing Coordination Chemistry to Understand Fundamental Aspects for Energy and Defense Related Challenges”

4th (FY2018)

  Prof. François-Xavier Coudert  (Chimie ParisTech, CNRS)
  “Theoretical Studies of Structures and Properties of Assembled Metal Complexes”

3rd (FY2017)

  Prof. Erwin Reisner  (University of Cambridge)
  “Solar-driven Catalysis with Molecular Catalyst-Semiconductor Hybrid Systems”

2nd (FY2016)

  Prof. Jonathan Nitschke  (University of Cambridge)
  “Figuring Out the Rule of Material Construction via Self-assembly”

1st (FY2015)

  Prof. Paul J. Chirik  (Princeton University)
 ”Base Metal Catalysis for Sustainable Chemical Synthesis: The Interplay of Electronic Structure and Applications”
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