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Awardees of JSCC International Award for Creative Work

4th (FY2018)

  Prof. François-Xavier Coudert  (Chimie ParisTech, CNRS)
  “Theoretical Studies of Structures and Properties of Assembled Metal Complexes”

3rd (FY2017)

  Prof. Erwin Reisner  (University of Cambridge)
  “Solar-driven Catalysis with Molecular Catalyst-Semiconductor Hybrid Systems”

2nd (FY2016)

  Prof. Jonathan Nitschke  (University of Cambridge)
  “Figuring Out the Rule of Material Construction via Self-assembly”

1st (FY2015)

  Prof. Paul J. Chirik  (Princeton University)
 ”Base Metal Catalysis for Sustainable Chemical Synthesis: The Interplay of Electronic Structure and Applications”
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