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Guide for preparing manuscript

  1. Manuscripts in Japanese or English are acceptable.
  2. Manuscripts should be prepared electronically using the document templates (Japanese and English templates are available). At the first submission stage, all the graphics should be embedded at suitable positions in the document file (doc or docx format). Please prepare the pdf file alongside with the Word document. It is not necessary to submit the graphic files separately at this stage.
  3. Once the manuscript is accepted, the authors are requested to prepare graphic files separately. The embedded graphics in the Word document may be deleted at this stage. The graphics should be prepared in bitmap format (tif, png, jpg, etc.) with a resolution higher than 300 dpi (preferably higher than 600 dpi) for the actual sizes.
  4. The author will receive page proofs of the manuscript. Rephrasing of sentences or additions are not permitted at this stage except for corrections on mistakes, typos, and formatting errors.

Amended on September 22, 2019

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