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Rules for Election of Review Committee Members of JSCC Awards

Section 1 The Review committee members of JSCC Awards who are elected by the election (here after the “Review committee members”) shall consist of ten members, and its term shall be for a period of two years. Half the members shall be elected every year by the election of JSCC members, and elected members may be re-elected.
Section 2 Ten candidates for the next Review committee members shall be nominated by the Council, four months before the member’s term of office runs out.
Section 3 The Council shall inform names of nominated candidates to JSCC members, and call for the election. JSCC members shall select eligible candidates among the informed names, and vote by marking the names. If members want to vote another eligible candidate who is not nominated, members can write the names on a ballot. However, members shall not vote more candidates than its quota.
Section 4 The election shall take place by a secret ballot by mail.
Section 5 Voting members shall mark their own ballots and seal them in envelopes unsigned. The sealed ballot envelope shall be placed in a larger outer stamped envelope. The voter’s name and address (home or place of work) must appear upon the outer stamped envelope. “A ballot” shall be indicated on the outer envelope.
Section 6 The election shall be managed by the Council accompanied by two representatives of members.
Section 7 The Council shall decide five new Review committee members according to the voting results.
Section 8 These rules may be amended by a careful discussion at the Council and an approval at a general meeting.
These rules become effective from October 1, 2002.

September 26, 2007 Partial Amendment
September 11, 2016 Partial Amendment
September 17, 2017 Partial Amendment

Additional Remarks Regarding the first year, the Council shall nominate twelve candidates, and shall elect six members by the election. The Review committee shall select three members, whose terms shall be for a period of one year. The next year, three new Review committee members shall be elected according to these rules.
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