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JSCC Research Encouragement Award 2023

Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry (JSCC) invites candidates for the JSCC Research Encouragement Award in 2023. This award is presented to young researchers (not greater than 38 years old on 1st April, 2023) in JSCC members who are recognized for outstanding research achievements and contributions to the development for coordination chemistry. The implementation and selection of this award will be proceeded based on the Rules and additional rules for JSCC Research Encouragement Award, and the Rules for Election of Review Committee Members of JSCC Awards. The winner will be awarded at the 73rd Conference of JSCC (21st – 23rd September, 2023, Mito City Civic Center, Ibaraki, Japan). The rules can be found on the website of JSCC. Application for this award is self-recommended. The application guidelines are as follows. The documents for the application must reach the JSCC office no later than 2nd June (Fri.), 2023. We are looking forward to receiving many applications.

Application guideline for JSCC Research Encouragement Award 2023

1.Qualification requirements

Applicants for this award must have been a member of JSCC for at least one year or more as of 1st April, 2023 and must be no greater than 38 years old. Application for this award is self-recommended. The applicants cannot apply for this award in combination with JSCC Award or JSCC Award for Creative Research.

2. Documents to be submitted

(1) Statement of achievements (free format; less than or equal to 500 words) in which the Section 1 of the Rules for this award can be clearly determined.
(2) Curriculum Vitae (free format)
(3) List of achievements (free format): a list of main papers, reports, reviews, commentary articles, books, etc.
(4) Copies of up to 5 major papers.
11 copies of the documents (1) to (4) should be sent to the JSCC office by the deadline.

3. Notes on preparing documents to be submitted

(1) Please use a word processor as much as possible. If using a word processor, please print about 40 characters × 40 lines and use 10-12 point type.
(2) List of achievements: Describe separately the items (articles, reports, review articles, commentary articles, books, etc.) in the lists. As for peer-reviewed papers, you may list in press papers while not those that have been submitted but not accepted yet.

4. Review period

The review will be conducted from the mid-June to mid-July.

5. Requirements for the awardee

The awardee will be required to submit an abstract for the award lecture that is published in the abstracts of the 73rd Conference of JSCC, and give the award lecture at the conference. In addition, the awardee will be required to contribute an “Award Account” on the awarded research to the Bulletin of the Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry (BJSCC), which is scheduled to be published in FY 2024.

6. Others

The “Award Account” published in BJSCC will appear on a website of J-Stage.

7. Deadline for submission, sending and contact addresses

Deadline for submission: 2nd June (Fri.), 2023 (must be arrived at JSCC office)

Sending and contact addresses: Office of the Japanese Society for Coordination Chemistry, Institute for Molecular Science, 5-1 Higashiyama, Myoidaiji-cho, Okazaki, Aichi 444-8787, Japan
TEL: +81-564-59-5581
E-mail: sakutai(at)  Please replace (at) to @ for sending an e-mail.

*Please write “Application documents for JSCC Research Encouragement Award” in red on the envelope.

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